Day 10

Today we had a chance to give and receive feedback. It was good to reflect by discussing within team, and hearing other teams. And yes, the service design guy was really good.
We received feedback from Håkan who, as always, had useful remarks. Our user story was lacking in clearness and simplicity. It required more time and polishing. We also made a mistake of being vague about the 3D scanner. Being vague is never a good option.
After that, all that was left to do was: send the baseball bat safely to Stockholm, say goodbye to everyone, cry two hours in the airplane (luckily no snacks or leg-room to distract me. Thank you Norwegain air). Check!


Second week, Day 1

Oops, one post missing from Monday….

We kicked off the second week with some group work before day’s lectures. We did some planning what we are going to work on until Thursday’s presentation. We discussed how we could still narrow down our customer segment and how to validate the first round findings with the narrower segment. We also shaped our hypothesis on what the solution should be like and what is the key problem / need it solves.

After project work we had two lectures. First talk was about business plans, go to market strategies and competitor analysis by Pasi Malinen. The second talk was by Heikki Suonsivu. He talked about his own experiences on entrepreneurship.

Last Day of SSP Summer School

We had a final lecture for the summer school on “Big data in smart retail” by  “Jussi”.  Lecture gave insight on how to make business. Later we had a feedback session which had two sessions. Initially students gave the feedback about the summer school, lately we had got suggestions/improvements.

As a whole the summer school was challenging and fun filled. Summer school made a great platform to all of us in terms of learning, networking, exciting trips to Suomenlinna and industrial trips like Tukku & Kone.  Finally we had a discussion on the report writing. I wish, we could have more summer school like this.

TGIF – Wrap-up of Summer School

The summer is almost over and with it our summer school. For many of us this was our very first visit to Finland and it ended up being quite a memorable one.

Today we basically shared our experiences during the summer school; the good and the bad. Feedback is a very important tool to help improve the next year’s summer school which will certainly be as good as this one.

Wesikko members will continue their quest as entrepreneurs driving digital innovation



Ninth day of SSP Summer School

Today was the big day of the final presentation. We had spent much time on improving our previous presentation based on the feedback we got. Two changes worth mentioning were to 1. prove our claims with more statistics from the surveys 2. make our story more emotional and trustworthy by finding multiple high-res pictures of a Finnish family. Luckily, everything went great and we were happy that our CEO Pekka was there to listen to it and support us at the questions.

alex_presenting lotte_presenting  before_presentations

After the presentation everyone seemed relieved. Without any pressure on our shoulders, we heard the winner of this years SSP Summer School. We were not so sad that we were not the winners as we felt that we have learned so much in these two weeks. Congratulations group Poro, you deserved it!


Second week, Day 4

And so the week came to a close, everybody is excited because of the presentations. All ten teams presented their work really well. Unfortunately for us, our team didn’t get to win, however we still felt proud for our colleagues Fernando and Kanan.

In the end, after the presentations we had some fun time and refreshment at the Helsinki EIT collocation centre. There was a chance to meet with some of the EIT Digital guys and we are invited to Ultra Hackathon 2015.

We are extremely thankful to our hosts and mentors Petri, Jussi, Håkan, Soili and at last but not the least, Mikko Heijari for their kindness and hospitality.
Thanks Helsinki for a wonderful 2 weeks, and a truly memorable experience! With Helsinki’s mild summer this place is perfect for a person like me that came from a land of a dry warm summer.

Congratulations to Fantastic 9 and to winning team Poro!

This will be the last night in Helsinki for us, so let’s get the most out of it!!!

Day (T-1) – In the spotlight

Lectures aside, for each single group today was The Day:
– The Day our efforts would be formally presented and evaluated.
– The Day the presentation has to be just perfect.
– The Day something has to not work as expected (something something Murphy’s Law).

Each group showed what can come out of 4/5 people put together around a table to work on someone else’s idea, with a seemingly unlimited availability of colourful Post-It’s and paper (as a side note: Paper waste facts).
The ideas were not new to us but creativity and slick graphics made these hours almost enjoyable. Congrats to everyone!

After the presentations, we went to the 2nd floor for cocktails wine and cheese at the EIT Digital office space.
During the announcement of the winners, our team was mentioned (yay).

And this is how the Summer School ends.
A great thanks goes to the weather which made our stay and trips in Finland memorable (of course, the weather is not a living thing and it probably won’t be able to read this but I believe positive energy always helps. So there it is).

Take it easy.